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 Board meeting. August, 2014. 

Board meeting. August, 2014. 

Located along one of the most heavily trafficked sections of rail in the United States, the City of Clovis, population 37,775, is a thriving crossroads of agriculture, energy and commerce. Clovis is the processing point for the agriculture and cattle in Curry County and is home to the world’s largest cheese factory. Clovis is the county seat of Curry County.

The county seat of Roosevelt County, Portales is the biggest city in the county with a population of 11,131. Portales is the world’s premier producer of Valencia peanuts. In addition, Portales has a large dairy and ranching industry and is home to New Mexico’s largest regional university, Eastern New Mexico University.

The Town of Texico, population 1,130, is located in eastern Curry County along U.S. Highway 60/70/84 and the Texas border. The oldest town in Curry County, Texico is located along a busy stretch of rail that sees 85 to 100 freight trains a day. Texico has a strong farming and dairy business and is home to New Mexico’s first commercial wind farm. 

Cannon Air Force Base was first activated in 1943 and is located just west of Clovis and north of Portales. Cannon is home to the 27th Special Operations Wing of the United States Air Force and approximately 4,500 active duty airmen. The base houses a population of 2,245 and is a major economic driver of the Clovis/Portales area and eastern New Mexico.

The Village of Grady, population 107, is located in northern Curry County near the Curry County Regional Water Treatment Plant. Since its founding in 1907, Grady has been a farming and ranching town. Recently solar and wind development in and around Grady have helped the town lower its energy costs and create new jobs.

Curry County, population 48,376, is located in the high plains of eastern New Mexico, adjacent to Texas. Much of the land in Curry County is devoted to agriculture and cattle grazing.

The Town of Elida, population 183, is located in southeastern Roosevelt County.

The Village of Melrose is located in western Curry County.  Melrose become an unincorporated village in 1909, first being named Brownhorn because it was located adjacent to two ranches owned by prominent ranchers Walter “Wild Horse” Brown and Lonny Horn.  Today, Melrose is mainly supported by agriculture with a population of about 700 today.