Press Release




                                                          April 26, 2018


Mr. David Lansford

Board Chairman

Eastern New Mexico Water Utility Authority (ENMWUA)

809 Parkland Dr. Suite A.

Clovis, New Mexico 88101


Water Authority to Seek Bids for Next Leg of Project

CLOVIS, NM—The Eastern New Mexico Water Utility Authority (ENMWUA) will be taking another step forward in building its water delivery system to eastern New Mexico communities.  The ENMWUA will be advertising for invitation to bid on the water pipeline’s next phase of construction known as Finished Water Two (FW2) beginning April 29th.  This seven-and-a-half-mile portion of the pipeline will begin northwest of Cannon Air Force Base (CAFB) and continue south and east towards EPCOR’s water storage system/tanks located on Martin Luther King Boulevard and Brady Ave.

The FW2 will consist of a 33-inch transmission pipeline that will have the ability to connect to CAFB’s water delivery system with a 16-inch lateral pipeline.  The 33-inch transmission pipeline will continue east toward EPCOR’s water storage tanks, ultimately having the ability to connect to the Clovis (EPCOR) water system.  The pipeline will have the potential to operate in both directions, therefore being able to provide water supply to Clovis residents and CAFB from interim groundwater sources or EPCOR’s supply from their storage facility. 

The FW2 phase will be solicited as a base bid plus eight alternates allowing for maximum construction for the funding available.  The ENMWUA currently has $15.5 million to go toward FW2.  If more funds become available between now and during construction, more alternates will be added to the phase.

ENMWUA Chairman David Lansford expresses, “We are excited to be able to go out for bids of FW2 as it will enable us to get one step closer to connecting important areas of the member communities water supply chain.

The FW2 is important because it allows us to utilize the pipeline in the interim, while we continue to work building toward Ute reservoir, which will eventually provide the eight-member communities with up to 16,450-acre feet annual supply of renewable surface water.”

The Eastern New Mexico Rural Water System is a regional rural water supply project in east-central New Mexico. The purpose of the project is to provide potable water to seven city and county member agencies and Cannon Air Force Base for municipal, commercial, and industrial use from a renewable surface water supply at Ute reservoir.  The ENMWUA was enacted by the New Mexico State Legislature effective July1, 2010.  The member communities are Clovis, Elida, Grady, Melrose, Portales (includes Roosevelt County), Texico, and Curry County.